Titanium chronometer

Examples of several titanium chronometers are shown below. When selecting such a watch, it is generally a good idea to select an item which has been listed as a certified chronometer in the detailed item description. Titanium is a great case material for a watch, and the combination of titanium and chronometer certification is typically found only on the most high end watches.

High precision as evidenced by the chronometer rating combined with titanium for low weight and high strength make a titanium chronometer watch an excellent and functional choice. While case material and certification are important, it is also a good idea to make sure the type of movement is what you are looking for. E.g. many such watches use an automatic movement. Water resistance and crystal type are also important factors to consider.

Watches with these great features generally are not cheap. But for some, the knowledge that you have an extremely functional and very high quality watch is more that worth it, and is a thoughtful choice that reflects well on the wearer of the item. Hope you this reference page has helped you find the titanium chronometer you’re looking for.

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