Automatic dive watch

An automatic dive watch is a watch which does not require batteries, and which is designed for diving and as such has good water resistance. Here is a selection of watches receiving very positive reviews, organized by style to make your selection easier. The watches on this page are in a men’s styling and size. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a good selection of automatic dive watches in women’s styling and sizes. A discussion of watch features is further below in this post.

First we start with what is perhaps the most classic automatic dive watch, the black face with silver metal watch band style.

Next are dive watches with an attractive blue face.

Finally, here is a selection of watches with other face colors.

Here are some of the features to look for when comparing automatic dive watches.

Water resistance: Most diver’s watches have a water resistance of 200 meters or more, which corresponds to over 660 feet. A watch designed for scuba diving should be listed as conforming to ISO 6425 standards for water resistance. These tests help ensure reliability when the watch is underwater, that the watch passes a condensation test, thermal shock resistance, among other tests.

Case material: Another consideration when choosing a diving watch is to confirm that the watch case material is such that it can withstand any corrosion by seawater.

Rotating bezel: Scuba watches should have a rotating bezel which can be lined up with the minute hand to ease timing a dive.

Clear numbers on the face.

Some may like a magnification window on the date indicator.

Hope you found this page about automatic dive watches useful and informative. It may be especially helpful to those looking for a dive wristwatch and a divers watch.

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