Watch types

Welcome to, a site designed to provide examples and information on the various different watch types. There are many different types of watches. Some general categories of watches include chronographs, chronometers, stopwatches, and pocket watches. Below is an example of each type along with a brief description.

chronograph watch

Chronograph – is a type of watch which in addition to keeping time like other watches, also has a stopwatch functionality. Typical modern chronographs have threee additional dials on them, for hours, minutes as well as seconds. Chronograph wristwatches are both beautiful and functional.

chronometer watch

Chronometer – a very high precision type of watch which has undergone rigorous testing and has been certified by an official organization. Chronometers are usually quite expensive, but also some of the most luxurious, and high quality watches available.


Stopwatch – a handheld type of watch used to time the duration of an event. Stopwatches often have two buttons. Pressing one of the buttons once starts the timer, and pressing it again stops the timer. The other button is used to reset the timer. While most stopwatches don’t have a wrist band, some regular watches with a band have built in stopwatch functionality.

pocket watch

Pocket watch – traditional and stylish, a pocket watch is one that’s been designed without a wrist band, and has been made to be held in a pocket. Typically they have a folding cover as well as a chain. This type of watch has declined in popularity in recent times.

Nowadays with nearly everyone carrying a cell phone which can provide the time, many wonder if a watch is still needed? We at watch types certainly think so, and based on the continued strong sales and innovation in the watch industry, many others do to. A watch isn’t just about telling time. The various types of watches each makes a unique fashion statement, and serve as an important accessory to any outfit. Intricate and distinctive, the modern watch is a piece of art which you wear on your wrist with a wristband for display. Also, while a mobile can tell the time, some type of watches are specifically designed for and best suited for a particular environment, such as a stopwatch for being used during a sports game. It’s the right tool for the task.

Many people wear a watch every day, and some types of watches such as high quality antique pocket watches are sometimes passed down from generation to generation. With such frequent wear it is sometimes necessary to put on a new watch strap. When selecting watch bands, it is important that the type and style of watch band complement the watch, and also be the right size band to fit the watch properly.

In addition to the type of watches described earlier, various other words are commonly used to describe the type of watch, such as diamond watch, antique pocket watch, gold watch, etc… Pages listed on the right focus on some of these specific watch types. Good luck in your search for different types of watches and hope you enjoy the site.

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